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    Tim Berners-Lee - Wikipedia

    • Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, OM, KBE, FRS, FREng, FRSA, DFBCS, RDI (born 8 June 1955), also known as TimBL, is an English computer scientist best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web, the HTML markup language, the URL system, and HTTP. He is a professorial research fe… See more

    BornTimothy John Berners-Lee · 8 June 1955 · London, England
    SpousesNancy Carlson · (m. 1990; div. 2011) · Rosemary Leith (m. 2014)
    Children2 children; 3 step-children

    Berners-Lee was born on 8 June 1955 in London, England, the eldest of the four children of Mary Lee Woods and Conway Berners-Lee; his brother Mike is a pr… See more

    After graduation, Berners-Lee worked as an engineer at the telecommunications company Plessey in Poole, Dorset. In 1978, he joined D. G. Nas… See more

    Berners-Lee has said "I like to keep work and personal life separate."
    Berners-Lee married Nancy Carlson, an American computer programmer, in 1990. … See more

    • Tim Berners-Lee's publications
    • Tim Berners-Lee and the Development of the World Wide Web (Unlocking the Secrets of Science) (Mitchell Lane Publis… See more

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  2. Tim Berners-Lee: The Web Inventor
    Tim Berners-Lee is the inventor of the World Wide Web, a system of interlinked documents that can be accessed via the Internet.
  3. Tim Berners-Lee | Biography, Education, Internet, Contributions ...

    WebMay 7, 2004 · Tim Berners-Lee, British computer scientist, generally credited as the inventor of the World Wide Web. In 2004 he was …

    Who is Tim Berners-Lee?
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    Who is Sir Timothy Berners-Lee?
    Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, OM, KBE, FRS, FREng, FRSA, DFBCS, RDI (born 8 June 1955), also known as TimBL, is an English computer scientist best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web. He is a professorial research fellow at the University of Oxford and a professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
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    How did Tim Berners-Lee create the World Wide Web?
    In 1989, while working at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, Tim Berners-Lee proposed a global hypertext project, to be known as the World Wide Web. Based on the earlier "Enquire" work, it was designed to allow people to work together by combining their knowledge in a web of hypertext documents.
    How much does Tim Berners-Lee's web source code sell for?
    "Sir Tim Berners-Lee's web source code NFT sells for $5.4 million". The Verge. VOX Media. Retrieved 30 June 2021. Brooker, Katrina (August 2018). " "I Was Devastated": Tim Berners-Lee, the Man Who Created the World Wide Web, Has Some Regrets". Vanity Fair. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Tim Berners-Lee.
  5. WebSir Tim Berners-Lee is a British computer scientist. He was born in London, and his parents were early computer scientists, working on one of the earliest computers. Growing up, Sir Tim was interested in trains and had …

  6. WebThe inventor of the World Wide Web and one of Time Magazine’s ‘100 Most Important People of the 20th Century’, Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a scientist and academic whose visionary and innovative work has transformed …

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    WebRobert Cailliau (French pronunciation: [ʁɔbɛʁ kajo], born 26 January 1947) is a Belgian informatics engineer, computer scientist and author who proposed the first (pre-www) hypertext system for CERN in 1987 and …

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