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  2. WEBJul 20, 1998 · Simferopol, city and administrative centre of Crimea, in southern Ukraine. The city lies along the Salhyr (Salgir) River where it …


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  3. Sim·fe·ro·pol
    1. a city in the Crimea, Ukraine; population 337,100 (est. 2009). It was settled by the Tartars in the 16th century, when it was known as Ak-Mechet, and was seized in 1736 by the Russians.
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    Is Simferopol part of Ukraine?Simferopol is the capital city of the Crimea, officially part of Ukraine . It fell under Russian occupation in 2014 and It is de facto administered by the unrecognised Republic of Crimea. However, Ukrainian supportive government in exile was formed in Kherson . For the most part this is a place of transit to the coast or to the mountains.
    Where is Simferopol located?Simferopol is located in the south-central Crimean Peninsula. The city lies on the Salhir River near the artificial Simferopol Reservoir, which provides the city with clean drinking water. The Simferopol Reservoir's earth dam is the biggest in Europe.
    What is old Simferopol known for?Old Simferopol, known locally as the Old Town ( Crimean Tatar: Eski şeer, Ukrainian: Старе місто), is an area of the city of Simferopol which until the end of the 18th century served as the centre of the city of Aqmescit. The old town consists of narrow, short streets constructed in a traditional Turkic style.
    What does Simferopol stand for?Simferopol(/ˌsɪmfəˈroʊpəl/; Roushie: Симферополь; Ukrainian: Сімферополь;) is a ceety on the Crimean peninsula, the status o which is disputit atween Ukrainean Roushie. Internaitional relations[eedit| eedit soorce]
    Why is Simferopol called Aqmescit?After the 1784 annexation of the Crimean Khanate by the Russian Empire, the Russian empress decreed the foundation of the city with the name Simferopol on the location of the Crimean Tatar town of Aqmescit ("White Mosque"). Simferopol, also known as Aqmescit, is the second-largest city on the Crimean Peninsula.
    Why is Simferopol important?Simferopol is an important political, economic and transport hub of the peninsula, and serves as the administrative centre of both Simferopol Municipality and the surrounding Simferopol District. Its population was 332,317 ( 2014 Census).
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