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    Intermediate representation - Wikipedia

    An intermediate representation (IR) is the data structure or code used internally by a compiler or virtual machine to represent source code. An IR is designed to be conducive to further processing, such as optimization and translation. A "good" IR must be accurate – capable of representing the source code … See more

    An intermediate language is the language of an abstract machine designed to aid in the analysis of computer programs. The term comes from their… See more

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    Static analysis tools often use an intermediate representation. For instance, Radare2 is a toolbox for binary files analysis and … See more

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    What is intermediate code?Platform independence: Intermediate code is platform-independent, meaning that it can be translated into machine code or bytecode for any platform. Code reuse: Intermediate code can be reused in the future to generate code for other platforms or languages. …
    What is intermediate code generation?Intermediate code generation is typically performed via ad hoc traversal of a syntax tree. Like semantic analysis, the process can be formalized in terms of attribute grammars. We presented part of a small example grammar and used it to generate code for the GCD program introduced in Chapter 1.…
    What is an intermediate language?An intermediate language is the language of an abstract machine designed to aid in the analysis of computer programs. The term comes from their use in compilers, where the source code of a program is translated into a form more suitable for code-improving transformations before being used to generate object or machine code for a target machine.
    What is intermediate code representation?Intermediate codes can be represented in a variety of ways and they have their own benefits. High Level IR - High-level intermediate code representation is very close to the source language itself. They can be easily generated from the source code and we can easily apply code modifications to enhance performance.…
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