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    Who invented hypertext?The term hypertext was coined by Ted Nelson in 1965 in the Xanadu Project, which was in turn inspired by Vannevar Bush 's 1930s vision of the microfilm-based information retrieval and management "memex" system described in his 1945 essay "As We May Think".
    When did hypertext first come out?Hypertext first appeared publicly in 1968, but it’s first application was in 1978. in 1987, it made it’s first appearance in an operating system, and began to appear on the World Wide Web in 1987. What was the original price of Hypertext?
    Where did the term hypertext come from?Hypertext derives from an idea put forward in 1945 by the US computer designer Vannevar Bush, and the term was coined by the US entrepreneur Ted Nelson. Educational and other systems which include pictures and sound, are known as hypermedia. hy·per·text / ˈhīpərˌtekst / • n.
    Who influenced hypertext?If you talk to Engelbart or Nelson about their influences for hypertext, the name that will come up most often is Vannevar Bush. Bush published an article in the Atlantic in 1945 titled “As We May Think.”
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