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    When did hypertext start?All major histories of what we now call hypertext start in 1945, when Vannevar Bush wrote an article in The Atlantic Monthly called "As We May Think", about a futuristic device he called a Memex.
    Who influenced hypertext?If you talk to Engelbart or Nelson about their influences for hypertext, the name that will come up most often is Vannevar Bush. Bush published an article in the Atlantic in 1945 titled “As We May Think.”
    What does hypertext mean on Wikipedia?If you're unfamiliar with a concept, you can easily refer to the article about that concept. More generally, hypertext means that every page on Wikipedia references (links to) other pages—and of course, every page is linked to by other pages.
    Who invented HyperTIES?In 1983, Ben Shneiderman at the University of Maryland Human - Computer Interaction Lab led a group that developed the HyperTies system that was commercialized by Cognetics Corporation.
  3. WebHistory Development Tim Berners-Lee in April 2009. In 1980, physicist Tim Berners-Lee, a contractor at CERN, proposed and prototyped

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  4. WebSir Timothy John Berners-Lee OM KBE FRS FREng FRSA DFBCS RDI (born 8 June 1955), [1] also known as TimBL, is an English computer …

    • Born: Timothy John Berners-Lee, 8 June 1955 (age …
    • Known for: Invention of the World Wide Web
  5. WebFeb 1, 1995 · 45 years of hypertext's history: from 1945 to 1990, including survey of major early systems. Chapter 3 from Jakob Nielsen's book, Multimedia and Hypertext, describes the major milestones for hypertext, …

  6. WebHistory Tim Berners-Lee. The term hypertext was coined by Ted Nelson in 1965 in the Xanadu Project, which was in turn inspired by Vannevar Bush's 1930s vision of the microfilm-based information retrieval

  7. WebHypertext is text with hyperlinks. The text that is linked from is known as anchor text. A software system that is used for viewing and creating hypertext is a hypertext system, and to create a hyperlink is to hyperlink …

  8. Internet History: From Hypertext to WWW

    WebOct 5, 2009 · Hypertext refers to the familiar action of clicking on a word (or chunk of text) to take you to another page. As a term, it was coined by Ted Nelson in Literary Machines in 1965 : By hypertext I mean non …

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