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    What is the history of email?The history of email entails an evolving set of technologies and standards that culminated in the email systems in use today. Computer-based messaging between users of the same system became possible following the advent of time-sharing in the early 1960s, with a notable implementation by MIT 's CTSS project in 1965.
    What is an e-mail system?An e-mail system allows computer users on a network to send text, graphics, sounds, and animated images to other users. The "at sign" (@) in the middle of an email address, separating the name of the emailer from the domain name of the hosting terminal, is now one of the most popularly used and immediately recognizable symbols in the world.
    When did electronic mail start?In 1971 the first ARPANET network mail was sent, introducing the now-familiar address syntax with the ' @ ' symbol designating the user's system address. Over a series of RFCs, conventions were refined for sending mail messages over the File Transfer Protocol. Proprietary electronic mail systems soon began to emerge.
    When was email first used in CompuServe?EMAIL was used by CompuServe starting in April 1981, which popularized the term. EMail is a traditional form used in RFCs for the "Author's Address". The service is often simply referred to as mail, and a single piece of electronic mail is called a message.
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