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    What is cybersex trafficking?Cybersex trafficking is a cybercrime carried out partly by means of computers and the internet. Traffickers transport victims to 'cybersex dens' and use webcams to stream sexual assaults in real time through a computer to the internet for live distant purchasers across the world. Cybersex trafficking is partly an internet-based crime.
    Who are the victims of cybersex trafficking?Victims of cybersex trafficking, primarily women and children, are sex slaves who are trafficked and then forced to perform in live streaming shows involving coerced sex acts or rape on webcam. They are usually made to watch the paying consumers on shared screens and follow their orders.
    Is cybersex trafficking a cottage industry?Cybersex trafficking has become a terrifying cottage industry with high profit margins. The number of minors available for purchase has plummeted between 75%-86% after IJM’s work alongside authorities. 54% of victims rescued in IJM cases are 1-12 years old.
    Who fights cybersex trafficking in the Philippines?The Philippine National Police, along with its Women and Children Protection Center (WCPC), Philippine Internet Crimes Against Child Center (PICACC), Philippine InterAgency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT, Department of Justice (Philippines), and Department of Social Welfare and Development fight cybersex trafficking in the country.
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    WebCybersex trafficking is a type of sex trafficking that was unimaginable before the digital age. Suddenly, children are exposed to a global web of predators. The Philippines receives thousands of cybersex trafficking

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    WebBy Victoria Garcia March 15, 2019. Cybersex trafficking is the exploitation of a person through the internet via webcam, photos, videos, or other digital media. Like sex trafficking, the victim is forced to provide sexual services …

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