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  2. Cyber Crime Investigation Cell is a wing of Mumbai Police, India, to deal with computer crimes, and to enforce provisions of India's Information Technology Law, namely, The Information Technology Act, 2000, and various cyber crime-related provisions of criminal laws, including the Indian Penal Code, and the Companies Act of India subsection on IT-Sector responsibilities of corporate measures to protect cybersecurity.
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    What is Cyber Crime Investigation Cell?Cyber Crime Investigation Cell is a part of the Crime Branch, Criminal Investigation Department of the Mumbai Police. Andhra Pradesh Cyber Crime Investigation Cell is a wing of Hyderabad Police, India, to deal with Cyber crimes.
    What is Cyber Crime Investigation Cell (CCIC)?1. Cyber-crimes Investigation Cell (CCIC): The CCIC was established in Sep. 1999. The CCIC has jurisdiction in all over the India. It acts as a part of division of economic offence. CCIC is empowered to investigate all the Cyber-crimes under IT Act, 2000.
    What is CT-Cyber Crime Investigation?The CT-Cyber Crime Investigation, former Cyber Security & Crime Division, commonly known as the Cyber Crime Unit, is a division of Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime is operated under Dhaka Metropolitan Police of Bangladesh Police. The main function of this division is to counter terrorism in cyber space.
    What is a cybercrime investigation?In cybercrime investigation, professionals work tirelessly to combat these threats and protect individuals and organizations from potential harm Federal law enforcement agencies like the Secret Service and the FBI are at the forefront of these investigations, working tirelessly to combat cyber crime and foster a more secure digital environment.
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