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  4. com·pil·er
    1. a person who produces a list or book by assembling information or written material collected from other sources:
      "this passage was revised in different ways by later compilers"
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    WEBThe GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is a collection of compilers from the GNU Project that support various programming languages, hardware architectures and operating systems.The Free Software Foundation …

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    What is a compiler in programming?What is a compiler? A compiler is a program that takes in source code written in one language (called the source language) and returns source code written in another language (called the target language ). Here’s how we might write this in quasi-mathematical notation: That : is read “has type”.
    What language is a compiler written in?In most cases, a compiler is written in a language, where the compiler is rewritten for the language that is being compiled. Most popular programming languages all follow a pattern of bootstrapped compilers. Some include Java, C#, C, Rust, Ruby, Python, and more.
    Is C a compiler?It originally only compiled C code into machine language, however, now many frontends have been created to allow it to compile other languages. As well as being the compiler for GNU, it is used by many other projects, most notably many Linux-based operating systems .
    What is a compiler generator?In computer science, a compiler-compiler or compiler generator is a programming tool that creates a parser, interpreter, or compiler from some form of formal description of a programming language and machine. The most common type of compiler-compiler is called a parser generator. It handles only syntactic analysis.
    What is the difference between a compiler and a compiled language?On the other hand, a compiler converts the entire source code into machine code and then executes it. Some programming languages like C, C++, and Java are compiled languages. Python, Perl, and PHP are examples of interpreted languages. A compiler analyzes and breaks the source code into tokens (keywords, identifiers , and operators).
    Who invented compiler?Other compilers generate machine language directly. The term compiler was coined by American computer scientist Grace Hopper, who designed one of the first compilers in the early 1950s. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica This article was most recently revised and updated by Erik Gregersen.
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    WEBFeb 9, 2023 · A compiler is a program that translates programming languages into machine-readable code that can be executed by a computer. Written by Artturi Jalli. Published on Feb. 09, 2023. Image: …


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