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    Orthographic conventions have varied over time, and vary by publishers, authors, and regional preferences, on whether and when Internet should be capitalized. When the Internet first came into common use, most publications treated Internet as a capitalized proper noun, but this has become less common. This … See more

    The Internet standards community historically differentiated between an internet, as a short-form of an internetwork, and the Internet: treating the latter as a proper noun with a capital letter,… See more

    Conventions for the capitalization of Internet have varied over time. The term Internet was originally coined… See more

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    In their 2009 book Internet Inquiry, academics Annette Markham and Nancy Baym reported that the current… See more

    Increasingly, organizations that formerly capitalized Internet have switched to the lowercase form, whether to minimize distraction ( See more

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  4. AP Style alert: Don’t capitalize internet and web anymore

    WebApr 2, 2016 · Susan C. Herring wrote about the capitalization of internet last year for WIRED. Here’s the case for going small again: The fact is, …

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