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    When did Lollywood become a popular film industry in Pakistan?With increasing funds, the industry began recovering in the 1950s and by the 1960s Lollywood had entered its golden age of cinema. This is also due in part to the 1965 ban on imported Indian films following the Indo-Pakistani war, which forced Pakistan to focus more on producing its own films.
    When did Lollywood become a film industry?Films were mainly produced in Urdu, and on a smaller scale, Punjabi, English and smaller regional languages. With increasing funds, the industry began recovering in the 1950s and by the 1960s Lollywood had entered its golden age of cinema.
    Why is Lollywood called Lollywood?We begin with Lollywood, the film industry of Pakistan. Lollywood gets its name from Lahore, the city at the centre of the Pakistan film industry. Though the film industry of Lahore existed long before Pakistan was even a country, the word “Lollywood” wasn’t a term until 1989.
    When were Lollywood films most popular in Punjabi?Lollywood films in Punjabi were most popular in the 1960s and are often referred to as the golden age of Pakistani Punjabi cinema. ^ "Have Urdu films taken over Lollywood?
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